Why Choose Untap?

Untap is a fully fledged platform for submission management including competitions, grants, awards, hackathons, innovation challenges, and more.

What differentiates Untap from other solutions is the easy and intuitive platform, which allows users to get started and launch their programs in no time. The knowledge and experience embedded in the software make it stand out from any other solution.

To make the best use out of Untap and to help you decide whether Untap is the right software for you to use. We will list in detail the reasons why you should choose Untap:

To make the best use out of Untap and to help you decide whether Untap is the right software for you to use. We will list in detail the reasons why you should choose Untap:

1- Create Program Awareness

Program Homepage

A program landing page is essential to inform potential participants of the details and requirements of your programs; it also helps attract and convert the right audience. You can easily customize a landing page with ready to use template containing essential content sections. All template components are customizable. Add your branding, edit, or add content sections and you are good to go. You can also include as many internal pages as needed.

2- Launch On Time

Create Program In Minutes

With no learning curve required, you can create a program by adding basic information in just a few minutes. From the program dashboard, build the application form and add the launch date to go live and start receiving applications. Add more details and configure program options as you go.

3- Have Full Control & Visibility

Program Funnel Customization

Untap has an advanced multiple-round engine; you can choose your round type, configure all its details, then move participants who qualify for that round. For submission rounds, build the application form to request more information. Or do further judging in case of an evaluation round. Each round has it is own forms, judges, applicants, and data analysis.

Submissions Management

The submissions page is the real deal, with a wide range of options that allow you to manage and monitor incoming applications in one place. View, edit, star, tag, filter applications, and assign judges. Also, monitor submissions status and mark them as approved, disapproved, or pending.

untap platform manage submissions screenshot

The round types are submission round to request more information from the same set of applicants or a qualified subset. An evaluation round to judge the same submissions with different criteria or different judges. Or add a mentorship round where participants get matched with the right mentors to get feedback and improve their submissions.

Round Scores

Monitor all evaluations on the round scores page, which provides a summary of the evaluations in real time. View evaluation average scores, scores breakdown, and status. You can see the highest score gap between judges, so you can easily spot evaluations that need to be revised.

4- Make Better Decisions

Data Analysis

Start with viewing your website traffic with google analytics integration. Monitor traffic sources to capitalize on channels that bring your website’s highest and most relevant traffic.

Analyze participation and program performance on the round analysis page. Empower decision-making with insights into your program data. Important aspects of the application form are automatically analyzed in interactive charts. You can play around with filters to get a more in-depth analysis of any aspect and export any data.

analyze traffic data on untap

5- Enjoy An Intuitive Interface

Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard is centralized access to all your programs, where you can easily create more programs at any time. With a minimalistic design, Untap’s dashboard is straight to the point, showing your program summaries in terms of the program name, number of participants, and submissions. You can then jump right into managing any program as needed.

Program Dashboard

The single program dashboard is functional yet minimalistic, and the menu is simple and organized in a way that doesn’t make you think twice, allowing you to get the job done.

As you start building your program funnel by adding more rounds, the program becomes organized in a visual hierarchy of your program phases. This makes it very easy for you to navigate your program components in logical sequence, avoiding a bloated UI and showing you a personalized view of your program.

6- Get The Best-In-Class Support

Untap was named the best customer support software for 2022 by Capterra, based on customers feedback. Here are some of the services provided by our customer success team:

  • Onboarding: You are invited to a free onboarding session once you create a program on Untap. During the session, you get to create your own workflow on the platform, and based on your program requirements, you get personalized guidance on how to manage your program on Untap efficiently.

  • Setup: For a fast launch. We provide help to customize your program homepage and build the application form for the first round, so you can launch and start receiving applications in no time.

  • Program Content: From website content, application form, templates for automated emails for participants and judges, and confirmation messages. Our customer success team provides templates and best practices.

  • Reporting: Besides the round analysis page in your program dashboard, you can request an in-depth report to gain more insights and draw conclusions.

  • Initial Screening of Applications: you can request help conducting an initial screening based on basic criteria to filter out low-quality or irrelevant applications. Keeping only the applications that are worth the judges’ time.

  • Chat Support for All Users: We support all platform users, from admins and judges to participants. Through chat support on the platform, judges can request any technical support. Participants also can ask about deadlines or other information

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