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Set up

Start on the right foot with a beautiful program homepage and a smart submission form

  • Easy to use website builder. Use your own branding.
  • Any number of sub-pages.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder (20+ fields types).
  • Customize experience with eligibility check and conditional fields.

Fill in program title, URL, and email. That’s it.

Add your logo.

Fill in the relevant content blocks.

Add visuals and videos.

Use custom CSS to style to your liking.

Create any number of sub-pages.

Publish blog posts for announcements and more.

Use our templates and our setup support (available as an add-on).

20+ form field types.

Conditional fields triggered by participant’s response.

Hide certain fields from judges.

Divide form in pages and add a progress bar to show participants how far along they are in the process.

Check eligibility based on pre-set criteria (available as an add-on).


Go live when ready, edit as you go

  • Set program start and end dates.
  • Customize automated notifications and confirmation messages.
  • Launch program and start receiving submissions.
  • Deliver the perfect participant experience.

Give your round a name.

If it’s a submission round, set the start date and deadline for when you’ll receive submissions.

Skip judging for this round if necessary.

Go live and start receiving submissions.

Customize the automated confirmations participants receive when they submit.

Send out notifications to admins with every new submission.

Send emails on demand to participants, admins, and judges.

Enable participants to have their own accounts.

Participants have their data auto-saved as they type.

Provide chat support for participants (available as an add-on).

Participants can view the round(s) and their submission status.

Make the qualitative feedback of the judges visible to the participants (optional).


Receive and manage submissions in one centralized place

  • Keep track of the submissions in an inbox-like page.
  • Conduct an initial screening to disqualify poor submissions.
  • Write notes on each submission.
  • Communicate with participants.
  • Export any data.

Get customizable views of the submissions.

Disqualify the ones of very low quality right away without judging.

Star submissions and write notes.

Assign submissions to the judges based on certain filters.

Edit submissions in bulk (available as an add-on).

Export submissions to PDF and CSV.

Send emails to remind participants to submit their applications.

Announce results to the qualified and the disqualified participants.

Connect to MailChimp for emails (available as an add-on).


Keep track of your program performance

  • Real-time analysis on submissions.
  • Real-time website traffic updates with a Google Analytics integration.

Monitor participation level.

Get the submissions’ data analyzed in beautiful charts.

Connect to your Google Analytics account and get in-depth analysis on the traffic.

Export all data to CSV.


Judge hassle-free, make the right decisions

  • Create your rubric using our drag-and-drop evaluation form builder.
  • Invite judges to their own accounts.
  • Group judges in judging panels.
  • Assign submissions to the judges.
  • Get a real-time leaderboard with scores.

Use our easy drag-and-drop evaluation form builder with 20+ form field types.

Customize your evaluation criteria.

Get suggested evaluation criteria based on program type and phase (available as an add-on).

Group judges in judging panels.

Bulk assign submissions to judges or panels.

Let your judges enjoy a simple judging workflow.

Provide chat support to judges (available as an add-on).

Send reminders to judges to complete evaluating their assigned submissions.

Ask judges to write comments for participants.

Keep track of the judges’ progress and remaining evaluations.

View evaluation results in real-time.

Monitor the automatically calculated average scores of the submissions.

View the automatic ranking of the applications.

Sort by the highest gap to identify submissions that received both very high and very low scores by judges.

Follow up

Power the entire funnel. Collect additional information from qualified participants.

  • Add more submission and/or evaluation rounds.
  • Create more in-depth submission forms.
  • Judge again using different criteria.

Collect more information from qualified participants in subsequent submission rounds.

You can also power an evaluation round; to re-evaluate the same submissions again using different judges and/or different criteria. This is incredibly useful for live pitching events and interviews where qualified participants do not need to make a new submission but will be evaluated based on their interaction with the judges.

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