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Intuitive Software With Customizable Workflows

Homepage Customizer

Use your own branding to customize your program homepage. Add as many sub-pages as you need.

Drag-And-Drop Form Builder

Easily build a form that captures all the information you need, make filling the form a fun and easy experience for your applicants.

Customize your program funnel. Add as many submission rounds as needed. Add an evaluation round to re-evaluate submissions by different judges or using different criteria. Add mentorship round to increase the quality of submissions.

Keep participants, judges, and admins informed. Set automated notification. Send bulk emails to participants based on their status and progress. Automated notifications sent to admins with new submissions.

Dedicated participant accounts. Participants dashboard include their submissions, and its status, and judges feedback when enabled. Allow participants to edit their applications anytime before the deadline.

Manage Submissions In One Centralized Place

Submissions page that gives you full control of the submissions you receive.

Judging Suite For Powerful Decisions

Empower judges with all the tools for a hassle-free judging process.

Analyze Data To Drive Insights

Keep track of your program performance in real-time, and get post programs reports to empower decision-making.


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