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Contest Landing Page​

Customize your program landing pages with your own branding.​

Multi-Round Contest

Run as many submission and evaluation rounds as needed.​ Customize your program funnel

Easy Judging​

Form judging panels, allow anonymous judging, and add several judging rounds.​

Social Media Integration​

Directly share on social media to boost engagement with your contest.​

Public Voting​

Engage the public and let them vote for their favorite projects. People's choice made easy.

Media & Attachments​

Allow unlimited upload size for big projects and finalists rounds.

Run Creative Contests For


Motivate creative designers to deliver stunning and unique artworks.​

Writers &

Discover talented novelists, poets, scriptwriters, ...etc

Product Designers

Create user-centered products with new and fresh perspectives.


Find visionary architects with creative concepts and unique designs.​

Photographers & Filmmakers​

Discover the most talented and passionate artists.​

Marketing Creatives​

Crowdsource creative concepts for your marketing campaigns.​

Your Program Success Matters

Program Concept

We help you come up with a concept
based on your objectives.​

Website Design​

Get support with the website design
for a unique landing page.

Content Templates

We provide customizable templates
for program content.

Program Mechanics​

Get help designing your program phases,
timeline, outreach, and more.​

Featured Work

IMAGINE IF Creative Competition

A nationwide online creative competition with the aim to set off a grassroots movement led by artists, creatives & influential figures to catch up the Egyptian population to the current environmental issues. An invitation to all artists and creatives to create a positive impact and raise environmental awareness through their work.

alohas 3d footwaer competition banner

ALOHAS 3D Footwear Design Contest

ALOHAS created this challenge with young and talented designers in mind, hoping to offer them a creative space where they can express themselves and receive full support while giving them the exposure they deserve. ALOHAS believe it’s important to encourage young creatives to have space to express their creativity.

Nanyang International Music Competition

The Nanyang International Music Competition was established in 2017 with the aim of bringing together musicians and music lovers. Organized by NAFA School of Music, the competition seeks to align with NAFA’s mission to inspire learning and growth through the arts.

Environmental Photographer of the Year “EPOTY” by CIWEM

The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition showcases the most inspirational environmental photography from around the world. The award celebrates humanity’s ability to survive and innovate and showcases thought-provoking images that call attention to our impact and inspire us to live sustainably.

We are running a photography competition and having the ability to store large images is critical. Untap is one of the most competitive organisations when it comes to data storage and access. The team is great to work with, always there to support with new features and developments. The system is really easy to use and it has a great interface.

Roxana Oldershaw
Digital Transformation Project Manager

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