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Manage The Process End To End On A Reliable Platform

Landing Page

Customize your challenge landing page with your own branding.

Multi-Round Program

Start with a simple submission form and add more forms as you go.

Automated Messages

Set automatic notifications and send bulk emails based on status.

Multiple Tracks

Open more than one track and manage each in a separate funnel.

Multiple Submissions

Allow participants to submit multiple ideas per challenge.

Effective Mentorship

help participants improve their submissions with mentorship rounds.

Lead Innovation and Digital Transformation
In Your Industry

Identify Emerging Technologies In Your Industry

Create an advantage for your organization. Apply digital transformative solutions and become ready for the future.

Become An Innovation Leader

Set industrial trends. Attract the brightest minds and build a connection with the most innovative calibre.

Foster A Culture Of Innovation Internally

Create a collaborative environment. Boost your employee engagement, and reward innovative ideas.

Your Program Success Matters

Problem Statement

We help you define the challenge concept, "how might we questions," ...etc

Website Design

Get support with the website design for a unique landing page.

Custom Reports

Request custom reports on the challenge participation and ROI analysis.​

Program Mechanics

Get help designing your program phases, timeline, outreach, and more.

Untap has helped us do open innovation challenges. Untap has been an amazing partner, I highly recommend them for such programs. The flexibility to develop the solution, to develop the steps, the phases, where we needed to accelerate, and where we needed to extend. It has really been a very good journey, Untap has proven to be an amazing partner for this, so thank you for that.

Alaa Selim
Operations Purchases Director

Featured Work

UNBOX Open Innovation Challenge by P&G

An innovation Challenge by P&G Egypt which invited startups and businesses to propose innovative solutions for 2 challenges. In return, they would receive mentorship by industry leaders, showcase entre-prise grade solutions and get a chance for paid pilots.

Hack The Virus by Dell Technologies

A competition that aimed at accelerating students & startups innovations. Supporting their proposed solutions using emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, data science, and analysis, or what is abbreviated as ABCD Technologies.

HealthTech Challenge by The Tunisian Government

A call for projects witj the purpose of financing the best solutions with a scientific, societal, or health impact on the situation facing Tunisia because of the COVID 19 virus. with a view to their direct and immediate use to fight this pandemic. or facilitate the life of intervening personnel.

MEDIA LOVES TECH by The Deutsche Welle

An initiative of DW Akademie that seeks to identify the best digital concepts for innovative and quality journalism. The competition is open to journalists, “startuppers”, project leaders, creatives, developers, designers, civil society, any person or organization who wishes to innovate for a quality media landscape in Tunisia, Morocco or Algeria.

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