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Student Competitions

Identify and recruit brilliant talent. Source fresh and creative ideas. Boost your brand on campus.

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Startup Competitions

Collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs. Identify and support top startups. Join the startup movement.

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Creative Competitions

Tap into the creative genius of designers, architects, writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and more through the power of competitions.

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Innovation Challenges

Solve business, organizational, and technical challenges. Get entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, engineers, and more to collaborate with you on innovative solutions.

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Online Hackathons

Run app competitions. Build a developer community. Identify talented developers to hire or partner with.

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Scholarships & Grants Applications

Collect 1000s of applications effortlessly. Create a streamlined and hassle-free grant and scholarship submission and evaluation process. Manage the whole cycle much faster.

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Why Untap Compete?

Competitions and calls for applications are great ways to tap into innovative talent and solutions

We provide you with a customizable platform that has all the necessary application and judging workflows

Stop wasting time and effort collecting applications via email attachments and Google sheets

Turn managing a competition into a great and rewarding experience for your organization

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