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Collaborate with the best startups. Discover disruptive solutions.


Generate Fresh market insights. Boost your brand on campus.

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Discover the best artists. Reward the most creative artworks.

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Refine processes. Develop new products. Create advantages for your organization.


Develop innovative solutions. Build a community of the best tech talent.


Collect thousands of applications. Give the opportunity to those who deserve it the most.

Why Untap?

Find Your Talents
Find Your Talents

Communicate easily with participants and judges.

Customize Your Platform
Customize Your Platform

Customize your program and enjoy a tailored experience.

Save Your Time
Save Your Time

Manage everything in one place to save time and effort.

Make The Right Decisions
Make The Right Decisions

Identify the best submissions through streamlined screening.

Customers Testimonials

Marwa Zaghow

Senior Regional Manager, Dell Technologies

"Untap played a phenomenal role behind the success of our META region Graduation Project Competition “Envision the Future”."

Paul Schütte

Co-Project Manager, DW

"Very fast customer support - Intuitive interface. It's our third consecutive year using this product and it worked all the time. All issues were solved swiftly"

Idriss Goossens

Founder, PropTech Lab

"Very good experience, amazing best-in-class support, great onboarding, easy to implement data, very fast to access scorings"

Omar Badr

Communications Manager, Flat6labs

"Untap is very easily integrated on our website, and the backend is straightforward and has an in-depth stats page."

Dalia El Badry

Creative Media Manager, icealex

"The support team was available on a 24 hours basis, ready to assist and make any modifications."

Mary Sherif

General Manager, Seedstars Cairo

"Untap is very easy to use. You can drag, drop and update the info as you go."

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