Maggie Adel's posts

The Chief Growth Officer at Untap. Maggie's full-time job is to help people find solutions they need to make bigger impact. A firm believer in sharing knowledge and telling stories as a way for growth on individual and organizational levels.

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Untap, Best Ease of Use Software 2022

Untap platform has always prioritized an easy & intuitive user experience; why? Years ago, we used to manage programs for our customers hands-on, using traditional tools, while building Untap platform. We learned all the ins and outs of managing open-call programs and built a platform to make managing those programs a breeze.

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Untap 2022 in Review

This year was gratefully an eventful year for Untap. It started with graduating from techstars accelerator program in Riyadh. The three months acceleration period was a lot of learning, sharing experiences with our fellow startups, and gaining knowledge from our amazing mentors.