An Exciting Start To The Year

This year was gratefully an eventful year for Untap. It started with graduating from techstars accelerator program in Riyadh. The three months acceleration period was a lot of learning, sharing experiences with our fellow startups, and gaining knowledge from our amazing mentors.

We started expanding to new markets and horizons, extending our vision to more than just providing a robust platform for submissions management but also being a vital part of the innovation process. We aimed to solve more challenges and bring more talent together for an inclusive and effective innovation process.

Team Growth

Our vision expanded, and so did our team. We are proud of every member who joined our team in 2022. Our new hires proved to be amazing team players and individuals. They are enriching the company’s culture, and they keep bringing their dedication and ambitions every day; this culture is becoming contagious!

Programs We Powered

2022 has also been generous when it came to the programs powered on our platform. We are proud that our programs aren’t just numbers; each program made a huge impact and had a unique purpose. Those programs allowed us to leave a stamp in different sectors, whether by generating ideas and solutions or by discovering new talents who are worthy of an opportunity to shine.

Now, let’s also talk numbers.

One Year in Numbers

Have a look at our year in numbers!

Successful Programs Mean Happy Customers

We believe in the mission of the programs we power, and our mission is to ensure the success of those programs by providing the tools and support required. In 2022, those efforts paid off, and program success meant customer satisfaction. We received some amazing customer feedback thanks to our customer success team’s efforts.

Untap is one of the most competitive organisations when it comes to data storage and access. The team is great to work with, always there to support with new features and developments. The system is really easy to use and it has a great interface.

Roxana Oldershaw
Digital Transformation Project Manager
CIWEM  (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management)

I highly recommend this software for use with an awards program, it’s very, very easy to set up the website for the program and the evaluation criteria/judging process. Once you set up the stuff on your end, the team at Untap is super responsive about completing the back-end stuff like Paypal integration and domain forwarding.

Simon Kaufman
Director of Development
Partners for Sacred Places

Also, some well-earned badges on Capterra.

For a deeper look at some of our 2022 programs, check out P&G’s UNBOX Innovation Challenge and the American University in Cairo (AUC’s) Internation Case Competition case studies.

Untap Product

On the product level, our tech and product teams, driven by customer feedback and market insights, did some impressive work here. At the beginning of the year, we had a vision to make our product more functional yet user-friendly, providing the best experience to even the least tech-savvy users.

We added some major features enabling our customers to do more with the product, along with some minor enhancements making the user experience easier and more fun. Check out some of those updates on the 2022 platform updates.

Spreading the Innovation Culture

As one of the regional leaders in innovation, we take responsibility for educating and sharing our knowledge with every organization. We made sure to engage with our community, which was a great learning experience for everyone.

Our CEO, “Sabrine Assem”, on a panel at Techne Summit, sharing Untap’s experience with customer loyalty.

Dreaming Big For 2023

To make innovation and talent discovery accessible to every organization. How? Besides developing our platform to power the full innovation life cycle. We are adding more collaboration features to engage all stakeholders in a brilliant way, making the innovation process more inclusive.

Beyond the platform, we plan to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary for an effective innovation process. Using market insights, analytics, and hands-on experience, planning and managing innovation programs should become more accessible to every organization.

With the practical knowledge and the right tools, we plan to make 2023 a year of effective innovations and talent discovery to solve some of the biggest challenges in today’s world.

Shout Outs!

Shout out to Untap team that makes it all happen!

Shout out to our mentors and investors who believe in the team and the vision!

Shout out to our customers for being an essential part of the change-making wheel!

See you in 2023!