Untap platform has always been driven by customer feedback, this is how it started, and we intend to keep it this way. 2022 was a big year for our platform, we planned some features as a part of supporting our customer’s programs, and we rolled them out together for some of our running programs.

A submission management software can be used for several program types, supporting customizable workflows to fit each use case. Online hackathons, awards management, startup competitions, student competitions, innovation challenges, and much more programs are being powered on Untap platform. We continuously update our platform to fit all those use cases from start to finish. What did 2022 bring to our platform? Let’s have a look!

1. Public Voting:

The public voting feature is an essential part of the judging process, mostly used at the advanced stages of evaluation, where the public is the judge who picks the final winners.

Our public voting system comes in different modes, it can be as simple as (Yes / No) or (Thumbs up / Thumbs down), or it can be set to reviews mode, where five stars rating is required. Finally, you can choose to enable voting multiple times or set it to one time. 

Since voters are at the heart of the voting process, we designed their experience carefully so that voting is just a breezy job. First, they can go to the voting page without requiring a sign-up. Second, they view the projects’ overview as cards (which are customizable on the admin side), including the necessary information, such as project title, description, and a relevant photo or video, as well as the votes count in real-time. Finally, they can decide on which project to give their votes to.

2. Team Formation:

Collaboration is the booster of innovation. As part of our efforts to encourage collaboration, we rolled out the team formation module, which empowers individual innovators to find like-minded innovators and form teams. Matchmaking is based on the member’s skills, topics of interest, and of course the skills or expertise they are looking for. 

As a start, a member can choose whether they will work as an individual or as a team. If they want to work as a team, they must complete their profile first to be visible in the members’ directory. They can then search for members to connect with and can communicate through direct messages once the connection is accepted. 

To make it easier to find relevant team members, users can add some filters to their search, for example, filter by skills, idea topic, and/or track.

This feature is perfect for hackathons and innovation challenges, where working in teams can result in generating better ideas and developing innovative solutions.

3. Multiple Submissions And Multiple Submission Categories:

Our platform caters to all program types with different submissions management requirements; for programs with multiple tracks or categories, admins can manage each category separately, keep track of the participation, and analyze data separately. For some programs, participants can submit more than one idea or solution; in other words, they can apply to the program multiple times with the same account but with different applications.

4. Paid Submissions:

For programs that require participation fees, we made setting up paid submissions a piece of cake. Admins can set up paid submissions for their program easily by picking the preferred payment gateway and the assigned submission fees, and they are good to go!

5. Invitation-Only Programs:

For programs not intended for the public, we have set up an invitation-only program mode, where innovators/participants are invited to collaborate and submit their applications in an exclusive environment. This setting is perfect for employee programs or projects that are highly targeted and need certain experts or profiles to collaborate on.

6. More Updates & Enhancements:

Managing submissions is the core of managing an innovation or talent discovery program. The platform empowers admins to have full visibility over submissions using only one table! Our submissions table options went a long way this year; we added an advanced tagging system, we also enabled submission editing on both sides, admin and participant (til the submissions deadline). Also, admins can view evaluation data on the same page, for example, the breakdown of judges’ scores and qualification status.

Our judges also get to use the full visibility power to streamline the judging process. Judges get to see the submission summary side by side with their scoring form, and they get to see a reminder of the minimum eligibility criteria so that they have all input needed for a fair and easy judging process.

We would love to take you on a tour in our product to see how it works, and how you can customize it to serve your program needs, book a demo now!