Untap platform has always prioritized an easy & intuitive user experience; why? Years ago, we used to manage programs for our customers hands-on, while building Untap platform. We learned all the ins and outs of managing an open-call program and built a platform to make this job a breeze.

Today, Untap is named Best Ease of Use Innovation Software and Best Ease of Use Grant Management Software for the year 2022 on Capterra.

Untap was awarded this badge for getting the highest user ratings for overall usability.

Why is Untap platform the easiest to use? Here are some highlights:

1. The Easiest Experience; Intuitive Interface

Our platform is easy to use for everyone, not only tech-savvy users. Once logged in, you can easily find your way and smoothly manage your program. As much as we keep developing our platform and adding new features, we make sure to keep the experience easy and simple. Everything is intuitive, self-explanatory, and easy to navigate and use, from building your landing page to analyzing the program data.

2. The Right Start; Quick Setup

You can create a program in a few minutes and edit as you go. Once you are satisfied with your landing page and submission form, you can launch your program with just one click. Using Untap platform cuts down the time between planning the program and going live.

Building the program landing page has never been easier with our landing page customizer. You only need to edit the pre-set content blocks and customize the page with your branding. Also, with a simple drag-and-drop form builder, the application form is easily accessible from the landing page for an easy application process for your participants.

3. The Funnel; Multiple Rounds Program

Building your program funnel is an intuitive task with our round engine. You can add submissions or evaluation rounds as needed. All applications will be moved to the subsequent round for either more evaluation or requesting more information from qualified participants.

Each round settings can be configured separately based on the round requirements. From the application form, and the deadline, to evaluation mode.

We’ve been working with Untap for over 4 years now, and they have made our application processes seamless and efficient. Untap team has shown commitment towards improving the product experience in an amazing way, starting from the over-the-clock technical support to the successful implementation of the program itself.

Ahmed Bastawy
Innovation Consultant and Managing Director

4. The Real Deal; Managing Submissions

On Untap platform, the biggest tasks can be easy and fun. For example, you can easily edit, start, tag, evaluate, and qualify/disqualify submissions on the submissions page. You can do actions for individual submissions or in bulk using filters. Also, with an advanced tagging system, you can have endless filters for submissions beyond their status or the information they include. Moreover, you can write notes, star, and collaborate with judges for powerful submission management.

5. The Cherry on the Top; Real-time Analysis

After all the hard work you do managing your programs, it is always a great idea to lay back and monitor program data and performance, which on Untap platform, are automatically analyzed in real time. The submissions data is visualized in nice charts, with filters that you can play with for more detailed analysis. Also, integrate google analytics to view website data and monitor traffic.

If you would like to learn more about how Untap platform can simplify your program management. Book a demo to learn more!