How To Plan & Launch An Online Hackathon In Just One Week? | A Case Study with One Million Arab Coders Initiative
By. Maggie
On November 23, 2021

As the leading initiative in MENA for learning programming languages in Arabic, the One Million Arab Coders initiative – a Dubai Future Foundation project – needed to use their vast network of coders to act in a very short time frame and come up with tech-based solutions for the Arab world to lessen the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Your Hackathon Planning Checklist
By. Maggie
On November 3, 2021

Running a hackathon is a valuable event for your organization, it is your way to attract the brightest talent, develop innovative prototypes, and boost your brand among developers community. However, planning and organizing a hackathon is not the easiest task.

The 8 Email Templates You Need For Effective Communication with Applicants
By. Maggie
On August 18, 2021

One of the reasons why applicants churn from certain programs is the ambiguity related to the application process. Never hearing back from a program can be disappointing, especially if the applicant spent a long time filling in their application form.

How To Increase Submissions For Your Awards Program?
By. Maggie
On August 2, 2021

Organizing an awards program can be a lot of work, many tasks to manage at the same time, and several stakeholders to communicate with, we feel you! However, if your aim is to increase the quantity and quality of applications received, you will need to add some more tasks to the list!

How To Simplify The Judging Process And Create Focus For Judges?
By. Maggie
On July 13, 2021

The judges experience needs to be straightforward and intuitive. As mentioned, judges usually are busy people, and they don’t expect to spend more time than they should reviewing or trying to reach applications.

6 Ways Untap Gives You Full Visibility Over Your Program. Monitor Your Program’s Performance Efficiently.
By. Maggie
On July 4, 2021

If you ever managed any kind of a call for applications, you probably know that it goes far beyond building forms and receiving applications. There are a lot more to do than the core tasks of building the program landing page, assigning judges to submissions, communicating with applicants, etc.

Feature Highlight: Multiple Submission Rounds Program
By. Maggie
On June 28, 2021

The multi-round funnel allows you to break down the applications and judging process into phases, each with a set of requirements based on the progress of participants in the applications funnel.

Feature Highlight: Website Builder
By. Maggie
On June 16, 2021

A great program starts with a great landing page, this is why Untap offers its customers a unique feature; the program homepage customizer.