Software Advice named Untap platform as the best customer support for 2022

Why is customer support our priority?

We believe in our customers’ mission, and the success of the programs we power means our success. This is why we are keen to always provide timely support and make programs know-how and expertise accessible to everyone.

What makes Untap’s customer support the best in class?

We work as partners with our customers, not just as a service provider. Our support starts from program planning all the way to assessment and reporting. So how do we ensure success at every step of the program journey?

Below are some of our popular support items which our customers love!

1. Onboarding

Upon signing-up on Untap, you receive all material needed to get familiar with the software. You are also invited for a free onboarding session, where our team can understand your program requirements and help guide you through your platform journey. Also, our team is accessible on chat support for any questions or inquiries.

2. Setup

To have a flying start for your program, our support team can take care of the setup for you! You can get help with the program landing page content and customization, setting up the application form, and configuring the program’s first round of applications and you are ready to go live!

3. Customizations

Have special requests that need technical support or advice? Our support team can provide assistance with programs requiring a high level of customization, whether they are related to the features and workflows or content. You can ask us about those requirements to see how flexible working with Untap platform could get!

4. Templates

Our team can provide best practices for your landing page content, submission form questions, evaluation and judging criteria, all based on your program type, phase, and requirements.

Untap has helped us do open innovation challenges, and has been an amazing partner, I highly recommend them for such programs. The flexibility to develop the solution, to develop the steps, the phases, where we needed to accelerate, and where we needed to extend. It has really been a very good journey, Untap has proven to be an amazing partner for this, so thank you for that.

Alaa Selim
Operations Purchases Director
Procter & Gamble Egypt

5. Reporting

We understand the importance of data and reports for the programs we power; therefore, in addition to the round analysis page in your program dashboard. We can support you with in-depth reports to develop more insights and draw conclusions. Better data analysis today means more powerful decisions tomorrow.

6. Participants & Judges Support

We support all platform users, admins, judges, and participants. For example, judges can always reach out through chat to require help with their accounts, assigned submissions, or any instructions needed for the program. Participants also can chat with our team to ask about deadlines or information about the program and our team can direct them to where to find that information or whom to contact.

7. Initial Filtration & Plagiarism Check

If you are receiving a huge amount of submissions and need help making an initial screening based on basic criteria to filter out low-quality or irrelevant applications. Or maybe you need to conduct a plagiarism check before assigning submissions to judges for evaluation. Those tasks could be time-consuming and tedious; our expert team is here to help you get those tasks done in no time.

You can learn more about our program success services, and you can book a free consultation session with our team to help you get started with your program.