A successful program starts with an informative landing page. Untap provides a unique feature to easily build a landing page with the program homepage customizer.

You can find the homepage customizer in your program dashboard, it’s the perfect tool to build a beautiful landing page for your program with the least effort. As it allows you to easily list all information about the program, with customizable content sections for interested participants to check out.

Untap website customizer is a brilliant way to build a comprehensive website for your program, for the following reasons:

1. Easy Access Customizer

The website builder is located inside your program dashboard, you don’t need to go anywhere to build or edit the program website. Manage your whole program in one place, it is just one click away.

screenshot for homepage builder access on untap platform

2. Content Management System

You can easily add, edit, or remove content anytime, all you have to do is select “Homepage Builder” from the “Program Website” button on the left side menu, and there you are editing the website content, no developers needed!

3. Catchy Hero Section

Create a fully customizable attractive hero section for your call to action.

untap landing page builder

4. Template Content Blocks

Use suggested content blocks we prepared for you, it includes information your participants are interested to know. And it is fully customizable, you can style, edit and remove sections as needed.

untap tech platform homepage builder screenshot

5. Live Edits Preview

Preview the updates you make while editing. The editor is located on the left side and the preview is on the right side. You don’t have to switch between tabs!

untap tech platform homepage builder screenshot

6. Media Upload

You can add videos, a high-res photo gallery from previous program editions, judges or mentors profiles, etc.

7. Customizable Layout

Customize header buttons, footer and calls to action, as well as browser website title & favicon.