Business Egypt (BE), in collaboration with CIT, wanted to create a competition that was focused on ManuTech. The aim was to solve local manufacturing challenges and empower entrepreneurs and startups in manufacturing technology. With that objective in mind, BE called for proposals that explain the technical approach, methodology, and mechanism to be used for managing the competition. They needed support in planning, implementation, facilitation, and management of the competition.

Important Stakeholders in The ManuTech Challenge:

Business Egypt (BE) is a USAID-funded program that was implemented by DAI Global LLC

The Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CIT):   the biggest Semi-Government Association – NGO in the Communication and Information technology industry in Egypt. CIT was founded in 1999 under a ministerial decree issued by the General Federation of Egyptian Industries.

ManuTech: an initiative that CIT launched in 2022, with a focus on serving private-sector Manufacturing Technology entities. 


After considering the objectives of BE, and analyzing the existing innovations in ManuTech as well as the depth of the challenges to be solved. Untap proposed an open innovation challenge that includes both ideation and POC development for solutions. 

An ideation phase was important for participants to learn about the challenges and work with manufacturing and technology experts to come up with solutions. The second stage was meant for execution, where industry partners support participants in developing their POC and even take their first steps in building prototypes and commercialization.

Untap Platform for Submissions Management

The application forms were built on Untap platform, as well as the judging suite. In addition to the participant’s journey, including assessments, surveys, notifications, and emails.

All challenge phases were conducted on the platform. Participants and judges had their own dedicated accounts. Also, the love judging was performed on the platform, providing immediate results for the winners’ selection.

Challenge Outcomes


Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions is a powerful way to solve even the most persistent challenges. Given the right approach, you can achieve huge outcomes and discover the right talent to collaborate with. Also, depending on the sophistication of the problem and the amount of information you can disclose to the public, you can choose the suitable format from hackathons, ideathons, open, closed, or hybrid innovation challenges.

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