How a multi-round application program can be more effcient than a one-time collection of applications?

More often than not, a prize-based program requires more than one round of collecting entries. The multi round entries give you more control over both, the applications and evalutations processes. That is why most program organizers go for at least two submission rounds.

Creating a multi submissions round funnel shouldn’t be time consuming. You still need to keep your administrative tasks to the minimum. Actually, you can utilize the multi submissions round engine to make tasks more simple, and to help make your data more organized.

The core benefit is to break down the submissions process into phases (i.e.: rounds), then qualify participants from one phase to the next based on the potential they show. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a multi-round applications process:

  • The applicant submits the most relevant information at each phase.
  • Create an application funnel with multiple phases and only applicants who show potential for that particular phase get qualified for the following one.
  • Create an eligibility phase to filter out irrelevant applications, which makes you save the judges time only for quality applications.
  • Creates focus, allows you to collect relevant informations for every phase, matching the phase requirements.
  • Define relevant eligibility criteria for each phase independently.

With Untap Compete:

Set multiple submissions round easily, with low time:

  • Set-up round submissions start and end dates.
  • Use our drag-and-drop form builder to create the application form for each round.
  • Easily create the evaluation form, defining the judging criteria for each phase.
  • Move qualified applications to the following round, with just one click.
  • Repeat for as many rounds as you need.

Finally, always remember it is very easy to open a call for applications. How you manage it afterward makes the whole difference in terms of time and effort invested and the final results you reach.