Unlike most -if not all- of the other competition management software providers out there, Untap Compete offers a fully-fledged website builder for your competition landing page. We save you the time, effort, and money required to build a branded website that communicates comprehensive information about your competition.

In addition to managing your application and evaluation processes on Untap Compete, you can also have a beautiful landing page with all the bells and whistles. Your landing page will entice potential applicants to participate in your competition. Other solutions may enable you to list some information in a rigid manner. Untap Compete goes beyond to give you the flexibility to build something beautiful and unique.

We organized the website builder in a relevant way to anyone launching a competition or a call for applications.

When you open your dashboard and hover on Content, then click on Customize, you’ll be greeted with an easy-to-use website builder. It gives you instant control over the content elements you choose to fill out. You’ll be able to preview changes right away on the right-hand side.

program website Customizer untap platform

You can customize the header; include your logo and build a menu linking to other pages that you can also create using Untap Compete.

Some of the content elements that we believe are essential to any competition are:

    • An overview of the competition
    • Eligibility Criteria
    • Judging Criteria
    • Competition Timeline
    • Prizes
    • FAQs
    • Terms and Conditions

We also included some cool elements that we think would make your landing page stand out; a countdown timer to the application deadline, a customizable slideshow showcasing relevant images, a video embed to introduce applicants to your competition, and more.

On top of including all of the essential building blocks of a competition landing page, we give you the flexibility to customize your landing page using CSS. You can also add additional pages with more information about your competition and even have a blog with competition updates.

Some examples for competitions we power include Vodafone’s Innovation Hackathon, and the MEDIA LOVES TECH Competition by the Deutsche Welle. They showcase the level of customization you can reach with our website builder.

If you require support with the landing page customization, we would be there for you. Book a demo to learn more about our platform.