If you ever managed any kind of a call for applications, you probably noticed that it goes far beyond building forms and receiving applications. There are a lot more to do than the core tasks of building the landing page, assigning judges to submissions, communicating with applicants, etc. For example, you are responsible for the quality of applications your program receives, optimizing the judging process, reporting and documenting outcomes, and so much more.

Keeping track of all parts of your program -in a timely manner- can be challenging. With all numbers, data, and stakeholders, you find yourself all over the place, switching between sheets, tabs, and different communication tools.

With Untap, monitoring and tracking your program's performance can be smooth and easy. We built these six tools to give you full visibility and help you efficiently manage all bits and pieces of your program.

1. Real-time Participation Overview

Once you log in to your admin account, you find a participation overview of each program you created on Untap. The participation overview is a real-time update on the number of participants who signed up and the number of applications submitted.

2. Applicant Completion Status

Dive deeper into the applicant’s progress, and track submissions by their completion status. You can also see the sign-up and submission dates for each applicant and send reminder emails to the ones who haven’t submitted their application yet. Also, export all data to excel.

3. Judges Progress

You can track judges progress on the submissions page, where you can monitor submissions evaluations status. You can check pending evaluations and relevant assigned judges. You can leave notes for judges or reviewers on each submission.

4. Evaluations Results

From the evaluations page, you can keep a check on the detailed evaluation scores assigned for each entry. From the round scores, you can take a look at the round total scores and view submissions ranked by their final scores.
You can also monitor the score gaps between judges through the "highest gap" section. The highest gap helps you ensure that the score differences between judges are reasonable. Inspect any significant gaps to verify the fairness of judging!

5. Submissions Round Analysis

Entries are analyzed to give you insights on data that matter to your reports, such as applicants demographics, percentage of submissions in each track, countries participated, etc.

For example, if you are running an online hackathon you can analyze the number of team members for each entry, technical background, prototype stage, etc.

If you are managing a startup program, you may be interested in getting insights on the company stage, revenues, numbers of co-founders, challenges they are facing or expected support they need, etc.

6. Program Website Analytics

If you choose to integrate with Google Analytics, you will be able to get real-time analysis on the website performance from your program dashboard. You can monitor the traffic volume on your website, and ensure you are attracting the right audience. Take corrective actions accordingly, such as increasing or changing your outreach activities.

To have more data at every stage of the program and to easily access and view data is key for managing a successful program. Learn more about Untap, schedule a demo, or chat with us, and we will be happy to help!