The story behind our success

We enable open and collaborative innovation.
We create software that makes open innovation more accessible.

We are passionate about tapping into the potential of people.

From an MVP that helped multinationals like Dell Technologies manage regional competitions to a robust submission management software. We started in 2015 with hands-on experience running calls for applications, we walked in your shoes and felt your challenges. Now we have evolved into the most intuitive software platform according to our customers.

Our mission is to make prize-based programs quick to launch, and easy to manage. We help our customers significantly cut down the admin work time of their calls for applications, to rather focus on designing the best programs for their applicants. Our technology platform along with our support team makes running an online prize-based program a breeze.

Untap now works with large corporations, governments, incubators, artists, NGOs & more in many countries around the world to tap into the most innovative ideas & solutions in different fields.

Meet Our Team


Untap played a phenomenal role behind the success of our META region Graduation Project Competition “Envision the Future”.

Marwa Zaghow
Marwa Zaghow

Senior Regional Manager

Dell Technologies

Very fast customer support – Intuitive interface. It’s our third consecutive year using this product and it worked all the time. All issues were solved swiftly.

Paul Schütte
Paul Schütte

Project Officer

Deutsche Welle

Very good experience, amazing best-in-class support, great onboarding, easy to implement data, very fast to access scorings.

Idriss Goossens
Idriss Goossens


PropTech Lab

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