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A question constantly raised by the passionate team behind Untap, usually leading to a new chapter in our pursuit of impact.

The Story

It all started when Sabrine Assem, CEO, and our Founder, was studying at the German University in Cairo and got fascinated by the concept of open innovation and crowdsourcing ideas to solve challenges. It was an interesting topic for her thesis and the more she dived into it the more she believed technology should make innovation a seamless process. This process would not only empower businesses to overcome their challenges but also empower governments to solve nation-level problems.

She was then joined by a team that shared her passion for open innovation. For several years, we were in charge of managing competitions and innovation challenges using an early version of Untap software. Every time we matched a solution to a challenge, we would search for the next challenge to solve “What About Another Challenge?”.

The Name

To UNTAP is to release a flow of potential.

For challenges, we UNTAP endless solutions. For businesses, we UNTAP original ideas. For organizations, we UNTAP energy for change. For individuals, we UNTAP game-changing opportunities. For our team, we UNTAP unlimited personal

Our product acts like a key giving organizations access to a limitless world of potential.

The Goal

There is so much potential when talents are brought together in a collaborative environment. And if there is one lesson the world must never forget from the pandemic, it should be that collaborative innovation is not a luxury for organizations’ growth, it actually saves lives! So, the question was raised again, “What About Another Challenge?”. We, at Untap, believe that now more than ever is the time to start utilizing the platform in ways that can make a difference in the world. 

We decided to dedicate a team that proactively initiates open innovation programs that target the world’s biggest challenges with the goal of finding the world’s most efficient solutions. 

If we can put this all in one sentence, technically, Untap will run out of business when every challenge in the world is solved. 

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