Student Programs

Identify and recruit brilliant talent. Boost your brand on campus. Source fresh and creative ideas.

Customers Running Student Programs With Untap.

Cairo University
Dell Technologies
The American University in Cairo

Streamline the Application Process, Focus on Tasks that Matter

Intuitive workflows, with the best-in-class support

Start with an informative landing page

Create a landing page with your own branding. Attract qualified participants, and convert those who are eligible.

Eligibility Check

Check the eligibility of participants based on pre-set criteria, before they complete their submissions.

Make the right decisions and select the best participants

Customize your evaluation workflows. Collect more information through submission rounds. Run as many evaluation rounds as you need.

Best Participant Experience

Dedicated account for the participants auto-saving progress as they type and revealing to them judges’ feedback if applicable letting them monitor their status.

Tap into the Brightest Minds

Source fresh ideas and build your pipeline of promising future hires.

Boost Your Brand

Reach 100s of students in many universities and different countries. Build your brand on campus.

Access Fresh Ideas

Get diverse and creative ideas. Let students work in multi-disciplinary groups to solve business challenges.

Tap into Talent

CVs and pre-set quizzes are no longer relevant. Creative competition entries show potential and talent.

Generate Insights

Identify trends and gain insight into students’ potential. Map who’s good and generate innovation analytics.

Build Relevant Products

Today’s students are tomorrow’s consumers. Get students to build with you the products they want.

Receive Quality Submissions

Let your competition be part of the coursework and receive high-quality submissions.

Your Program Success Matters


Custom Reports

Participation reports to measure program performance, do benchmarking, and take corrective actions when needed.


Program Design Strategy & Best Practices

Website content formulation support. We help build program landing pages that attract the right audience and converts.


Outreach & Marketing

We provide outreach support to reach more students and get more quality submissions.


Certificates Generation

Get the participation certificates generated from the platform and recognize your participants’ achievements.


Initial Screening of the Submissions

Utilize our expertise for the initial filtration of the submissions. Keep the submissions that are worth the judges’ time. Set your own evaluation criteria and directly filter out submissions that are unworthy of extensive judging.