Student Competitions
Identify and recruit brilliant talent.
Boost your brand on campus.
Source fresh and creative idea.
Why launch a student competition ?
Reach 1000s of students in many universities and different countries. Build your brand on campus.
CVs and pre-set quizzes are no longer relevant. Creative competition entries show potential and talent.
Identify trends and gain insight into students’ potential. Map who’s good and generate innovation analytics.
Get diverse and creative ideas. Let students work in multi-disciplinary groups to solve business challenges.
Let your competition be part of the coursework and receive high quality submissions.
Today’s students are tomorrow’s consumers. Get students to build with you the products they want.
Case Study:
Dell EMC's Envision The Future Competition
Dell EMC manages its annual regional graduation projects competition for computer science students with the support of Untap.
  • Dell EMC ran 3 editions of the competition so far with Untap's support.
  • The competition receives every year hundreds of innovative submissions by students addressing challenges in health, education, energy, and more using the latest technologies.
  • Untap provides the underlying competition management platform, outreach & marketing activities, initial submissions filtration, and participants and judges support.

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