Online Hackathons

Run app competitions. Build a developer community. Identify talented developers to hire or partner with.

Why run an online hackathon?

Innovative Prototypes

Generate novel and useful app ideas from your hackathon participants. Let teams work together and use technology to address real needs.

Developer Community

Build an ecosystem around your technologies and brand. Establish a developer community and promote your tech solutions.

Talent Scouting

Discover talented developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and more from high quality competition entries. Recruit innovatively.

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Featured Work

Vodafone organized its 010 Innovation Hackathon (5G edition) with Untap's support.

    checkAll the judging and submissions’ management was conducted on Untap Compete.

    checkSeveral rounds of submission and live judging were managed through Untap.

    checkUntap customized the homepage and handled the participants’ chat support.

Coworkhubs in Saudi Arabia organized its first hackathon searching for e-commerce ideas with Untap’s support.

    checkUntap provided the underlying hackathon management platform.

    checkUntap offered the platform with all its workflows in two languages.

    checkUntap customized the homepage to match Coworkhubs’ branding.

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