Innovation Challenges

Solve business and industrial challenges collaborating with expert communities. Create advantages for your organization, make an impact in the market.

Customers Running Innovation Challenges With Untap.

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Streamline Your Innovation Challenges, Manage the Process End to End on a Reliable Platform

Landing Page

Create an informative landing page for your innovation challenge. Communicate the problem statement clearly and receive better submissions.

Collect information in multiple phases

Start with a generic registration form and request more information from qualified participants.

Automated Communication

Keep your participants engaged and informed.

Run multiple challenge tracks

Open more than one track for different disciplines or problem statements. Have a centralized access to all tracks.

Mentorship Done Right

Increate the quality of submissions with effective mentorship. Onboard mentors and match them easily with participants.

Become one of the top innovative brands in your industry, lead the innovation movement

Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Lead the innovation movement in your industry. Apply a digital transformative solution and be ready for the future.

Position yourself as an innovation leader

Attract the brightest minds to your brand. Build a connection with the most innovative calibre.

Foster a culture of innovation internally

Create an innovation & collaboration environment. Boost your employee engagement. Reward transformative ideas.

Your Program Success Matters


Formulate the right problem statement

We help you define the gap, come up with the challenge problem statement, and communicate it with your target audience.


Challenge concept and mechanics

Get exports' support on designing your challenge including the concept, marketing and outreach, submission form questions, judging criteria, and more.


Challenge website content

Start your challenge on the right foot developing your program website. Use our pre-set templates and best practices, or requested tailored content.


Custom Reports

Request custom reports on the challenge participation level, performance, and ROI analysis.