Creative Competitions

Tap into the creative ideas of photographers, designers, writers, and more. Reward creative work. Manage the entire process from launch to selection.

Customers Running Creative Competitions With Untap.

Ministry of Communications

Manage Your Creative Competition Workflow From Start To Finish, Gracefully.

Create a beautiful landing page for your competition.

Run several submission and evaluation rounds.

Integrate with social media to enhance engagement with your competition.

Unlimited uploads for submissions.

People's choice made easier with public voting.

Creative Competitions Empower You To

Motivate creative designers to compete and deliver stunning and unique designs.

Receive fresh and creative concepts for furniture and interior designs.

Collaborate with talented novelists, poets, script writers, journalists, researchers and more.

Find visionary architects with creative concepts and a talent for transforming surroundings to the better.

Create a community of passionate photographers and movie makers through photo & filmmaking contests.

Create better and more user-centered products through collaborating with talented product designers.

Get dozens of creative campaign ideas in days. Tap into emerging consumer insights.

Your Program Success Matters


We help you come up with your program concept.


We help you design an attractive program homepage.


Use our content templates and best practices.


Get support with program mechanics for better outcomes.