Why you should go for an online hackathon for your next software developer hire?
On June 25, 2019

Hiring the best and brightest software engineer is becoming one of the biggest challenges for many companies and startups, as there are more software developer openings than qualified people to fill them, according to the research from the app association there are 223,000 job openings for software developers in the US alone while the demand […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Online Competitions
On June 9, 2019

Online competitions could be a very useful method to find qualified job seekers and innovators. Think of all the ways that can make you benefit from an online competition:   Going for a real-life challenge. Something you face regularly. A problem you have always thought should be addressed in an innovative way. It can also […]

7 Reasons Why It Is Time To Launch An Online Competition
On April 23, 2019

Whether you were a big company, a startup, an NGO, or even a governmental entity, competitions can be extremely valuable. They open the door to innovation inside your organization and they help you find the remarkable talent outside of it.   Here is a list of the top 7 reasons why you should organize a […]