Feature Highlight: Multiple Submission Rounds Program

More often than not, a call for application need to be run in more than one stage. Each stage has its own application form, judging criteria and sometimes judges or reviewers.

The multi-round funnel allows you to break down the applications process into stages, filtering out applications and moving qualified ones down the funnel. But how hectic could it be to filter and move applications from one stage to another? You need to manage the whole process in one place.

At Untap Compete, we crafted the most intuitive and featureful rounds engine. We built it in a way that saves you the administrative time and optimizes the workflow for an effortless multi-round program management.

1. Easy Round Set-up

You don’t have to waste your time setting up each round, the set up take less than a minute. Just configure the round name, dates, and you are all set!

Start from round setting, set the start and end dates for receiving submissions, the same for the evaluation process. Next, build the application form for the first round, then you are ready to start receiving applications.

2. Drag-And-Drop Submission Form Builder

Our easy application form builder allows you to customize the form for each round. Make sure to carefully design the rounds of your program.

If you are running an academic awards program, you might need to start with a project abstract round that, then require a design report from qualified submissions, finally a final report to submitted by the finalists, based on which you can select the winners.

For a startup competition, you might need to create an initial applications round, then an interviews one. Based on the interviews evaluations, the best startups get invited to the Bootcamp phase, and so and forth.

3. Set Evaluation Criteria for Each Round

Build the evaluation form with the criteria assigned for each round.
Add judges for each round, or choose to skip judging for any given round.

4. Full Visibility Over Each Round

Monitor round participants and their applications status. Add/remove judges for each round, and track round scores and results. Export any information you need to csv.

5. Communicate Effectively

Automate and customize notifications for each round.

Send bulk emails to participants by status, for example, registrants who haven’t applied yet. Or choose any users to communicate with.

6. Get Round Analysis

Get real-time analysis on every aspect of round submissions. You can export data to make further analysis.

The multi-round engine is a super helpful tool for your program. Whether it is an online hackathon, a startup competition, an art award, or any call for applications. Save time and effort and make your participants experience smooth and simple. Let us know more about your program and we would love to help you tailor and set up your multi-round funnel, chat with us or book your demo now.