Whether you were a big company, a startup, an NGO, or even a governmental entity, competitions can be extremely valuable. They open the door to innovation inside your organization and they help you find the remarkable talent outside of it.


Here is a list of the top 7 reasons why you should organize a competition right away:


1) Boost your marketing and engage with your audience:


Many big companies include competitions in their marketing strategy. Involving your audience in a challenge to solve by contributing ideas in return for public acknowledgement or valuable prizes can make lots of people interact with your entity and spread the word about your brand. People will feel connected to you since they feel that their input is being valued. It’s a great way to build your fan base.

You can also gather valuable information and insights about your customers such as their demographics, how they heard about the competition or what they like and dislike about your products and services.


2) Discover startups:


If you were an incubator or an accelerator or a venture capital firm, then you must have organized a competition before and called for the new innovative startups to apply in order to support the best or invest in them. Untap helps you streamline the process of receiving and judging applications and makes life much easier.

If you were a company looking for outside solutions then partnering with a startup that provides this solution can definitely be an answer and a competition can help you spot the startup that matches your specific needs.


3) Collaborative innovation:


If you are facing some challenges in your business or if you are an organization that wants to solve a challenge to make people’s lives better, a great solution would be holding a competition where participants contribute ideas to solve this particular problem or challenge. This helps you gather multiple perspectives on how to approach this challenge with feasible solutions.


4) Test your product:


You can hold a competition that requires the participants to use your own product in order to achieve a certain task. This helps you create awareness about your services and products and you can also gather valuable insights and feedback from the participants about their experience.


5) Employees engagement:


You can organize a competition between your employees to solve a certain problem within the company or set a new policy. You will be surprised by the innovative ideas

Competitions engage your employees in the strategy of your company and help increase their satisfaction at work.


6) Training:


If you are a company that just adopted new technology and wants to train your employees on how to use it, then you can organize a competition between your employees to achieve a certain task using this new piece of technology.

If you are an educational entity and want your students to master something that they learned, then holding a competition between your students on the new concept they learned is also a good choice.


7) Innovative Recruitment:


A competition can attract the top talents and test them so that you can select the best to hire. Instead of just judging based on education and past experience, you can test their creativity and problem-solving skills with a set of challenges inside a competition.

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