Feature Highlight: Website Builder
By. Maggie
On June 16, 2021

Feature Highlight: Build Your Program Homepage With Our Customizer A great program starts with a great landing page for interested participants, that’s why Untap offers its customers a unique feature; the program homepage customizer. You can find the homepage customizer in your program dashboard, it’s the perfect tool to build a beautiful landing page for […]

Online hackathons 101 | How To Manage The Team Formation And Prototype Phases?
By. Maggie
On June 10, 2021

Online Hackathons 101 How To Manage The Team Formation And Prototype Phases? In part one of “Online Hackathons 101”, we covered the pre-launch phase breaking it down into ten steps, each with its relevant checklist. If you haven’t checked it yet, you can find it here. If you already have, let’s move on to the […]

Online Hackathons 101 | How to quickly plan & Launch your online hackathon in just 10 steps?
By. Maggie
On February 28, 2021

Online Hackathons 101 How to quickly plan & Launch your online hackathon in just 10 steps? Since Covid-19 outbreak, many sectors have been struggling to maintain their operations and to keep the office work going efficiently. However, the “new normal” has made it impossible to avoid some changes, like remote working or moving the business […]

How to Create a Killer Startup Competition Application Form?
On January 6, 2021

The Startup scene has always been about being bold, having bold Ideas, daring slogans, and cool work environments. It is no wonder that a company like Nintendo used to have a slogan that says, “Work hard, play hard.” It is also very expected to find an expert like Sam Altman, previous president of YC, give […]

The 4 Types Of Innovation – Advantages For Your Organization And Impact On The Market
By. Maggie
On September 15, 2020

Why do we need to continuously look for new ways to do things if the traditional methods work? And what is the drive that makes big companies prioritize innovation, make changes to their vision, and to the products they sell? The answer is simple. Everyone is pursuing growth! We live in an era of rapid […]

How Technology Can Simplify Talent Management
By. Maggie
On September 29, 2019

The emergence of talent management software solutions has helped many companies and organizations, specifically HR departments and teams, to simplify the way they find, attract, hire, and retain talented individuals. However, a 2018 joint survey on job search trends revealed that 80% of full-time employees all over the world are actively seeking new employment opportunities […]

The Essential Building Blocks of Your Competition Landing Page
By. Maggie
On September 23, 2019

Unlike most -if not all- of the other competition management software providers out there, Untap Compete offers a fully-fledged website builder for your competition landing page. We save you the time, effort, and money required to build a branded website that communicates comprehensive information about your competition. In addition to managing your application and evaluation […]

Which Submission Management Software works best for my Call for Applications?
By. Maggie
On August 26, 2019

Your calls for applications are your window to identify talents, generate insights, and gain access to innovative solutions. But how do you manage them? Choosing a suitable submission management software could be overwhelming. It all depends though on what you need, and what is best for you and your team. To help you choose, we […]