Which Submission Management Software works best for my Call for Applications?

Your calls for applications are your window to identify talents, generate insights, and gain access to innovative solutions. But how do you manage them? Choosing a suitable submission management software could be overwhelming. It all depends though on what you need, and what is best for you and your team.

To help you choose, we have prepared a list of factors you should consider while making your decision.

1. Real-Time Analysis

A status report on all your running calls for applications in addition to a detailed dashboard for each call for application separately is quite essential. The software should provide you with website analytics, applicants demographics, and other vital numbers and performance indicators. Those are important to check daily. This way, you stay on top of things and take necessary corrective actions when needed.

2. Easy for Applicants

The experience from the applicants’ standpoint has to be simple and to the point. For example, applicants should be able to track the status of their applications. Data entered in the application form should be automatically saved, allowing applicants to return to their applications at any time before the deadline and to continue where they left off. Such factors ensure a high applications’ completion rate.

3. Straightforward Process for Judges

The process for judges should be even more straightforward. The judge should have personal judging access to go right to the assigned submissions, which they should evaluate using simple forms. They should be able to communicate their feedback directly to applicants if they wish to, which takes us to the next point.

4. Automated Communication

Something we, at Untap, think is necessary is ensuring automated and cross-functional communication options. For example, Untap Compete allows you to set template emails to send to applicants upon submitting their applications. You can also send bulk emails, including announcements or updates to applicants based on their application status.
To make communication even more effective, we added chat support for applicants and judges as well as optional feedback space between judges and applicants.

5. Intuitive Interface and Workflow

Since not everyone is tech-savvy, we have developed our system to cater to all kinds of users. The flow is intuitive and smooth, and the instructions are self-explanatory, ensuring that users can navigate through it on their own without any manuals.
We have covered this to save you time and make tasks more enjoyable for your team.

6. Easy Form Builders

Building your submission and evaluation forms should be a breeze. Ensure an easy set-up through drag-and-drop form builders and fully customizable forms. The forms should be live on your website in no time.

7. External apps Integration

You need to have everything run and managed in one place, therefore have your necessary apps integrated with your submission management system. Untap Compete allows you to merge a number of your favourite applications such as Google Analytics, and MailChimp.

Last but not least, you should test and see the system for yourself, and make sure it has everything your call for applications needs. It should also be user-friendly (easy for your team).
All in all, the time and effort managing your call for applications should be minimal.
Having said that, we encourage you to schedule a demo for Untap Compete and get started with a FREE trial.

9 ways your online Form builder is costing you time and effort

You may think that online forms are the fastest way to manage your call for applications, especially when you quickly start receiving applications. However, you are only saving time in the beginning of the process. Once you begin accepting applications, it becomes a nightmare. You are left alone with a vast number of applications to process.

Alternatively, a submission management software like Untap Compete is designed to simplify every step of the process. It is your optimal solution to launch and most importantly manage your calls for applications efficiently saving time and effort.
Let’s face it. It is easy and cheap to get started with form builders or/and email attachments. However, you find yourself lost trying to process all the applications. You end up wasting more time than you initially saved.

A dedicated submission management system will allow you to manage, evaluate, and communicate all in one place with just a few clicks.

How can you benefit from Submission Management Software and overcome the problems you face with Online Form Builders?

1. Workflow instead of just an initial setup
While online forms start the process quickly and easily, you get overwhelmed when you start receiving the applications. With a submission management software, there is a streamlined workflow covering every step of the process with the help of a set of features you choose based on your needs.

2. Screening and Filtration in one place
In online forms, screening and filtration are done separately, which requires so much manual work. However, the right way to do it is in the same place, with evaluation forms to give accurate scores and auto-scoring to calculate total scores and rank submissions automatically.

3. Judges and judging panels access
Instead of sending information to third parties and manually putting scores on submissions, you can do both tasks in one place by inviting judges to access submissions.

4. Communication with users is made easy.
Communicate directly with judges, applicants, and other team members on the system. Send emails in bulk, and set reminders to communicate feedback with applicants. Have a summary of all users in one place with all their relevant information.

5. Real-time analysis of submissions
Your dashboard includes a real-time analysis for your call for applications that tracks the performance of your call for applications so you can take corrective actions when needed.

6. Multi-phase rounds
Create multiple rounds for the same call for applications. Seek more information with more advanced stages. Qualify participants from one phase to the next based on the potential they show for each phase.

7. Flexible submission form builder with no limitations
Use a sophisticated drag and drop submission form builder, supporting file uploading.

8. Auto-save applications and submit later options
It is hard for applicants to fill their applications in one sitting with no ability to edit and continue later. Applications need to be auto-saved for the applicant’s convenience.

9. Have the complete picture of applicants and potential applicants
Monitor potential applicants who just signed up or still did not complete their application. Send them reminders to submit. If you only view the submitted applications, you are losing contact with all the potential applicants who still did not click on “submit”.

In conclusion, a Submission Management Software like Untap Compete streamlines the submission process and makes it easy for you to receive, screen, evaluate, communicate, and filter submissions. It is also just more convenient from the applicants’ point of view.

Learn more about Untap Compete plans and features.

Find better solutions faster through innovation challenges

Innovation competitions aka innovation challenges are effective tools organizations use to access and connect with expert communities, with the aim of collaborating to develop the best sustainable ideas and solutions, these solutions are hard to reach depending on internal resources only.

That’s why many companies are using innovation challenges to access external resources and engage startups, customers, students, universities, etc. in their innovation processes. For example, general electric launched GE Fuse, an open innovation platform to solve technical problems engaging engineers from all over the world.

So whether you are looking for a new idea, a creative concept, a solution for a technical challenge, or a talented candidate, innovation challenges are the answer.

Below are six reasons why you should consider innovation challenges for solving your biggest problems:

  • 1. Fast way to find ideas
    You can control the timeline applicants will have to brainstorm, conceptualize, and submit their proposals.
  • 2. Cost-efficient
    Sticking to your preassigned resources and still managing to reach out to hundreds and sometimes thousands of innovators, add to this using a submission software to save some staff time and get the screening and judging work done quickly and smoothly.
  • 3. Creates Focus
    An online innovation challenge allows you to focus on one problem at a time and direct all internal and external resources towards it. When you reach a final solution and while the winning team is executing their idea, you can redirect the focus to another challenge.
  • 4. Generate Insights
    In addition to the solution you select to implement, you will also access some valuable ideas and perspectives, innovation challenges will give you insightful remarks on the problem and a number of approaches to look into.
  • 5. Build a community
    Get the best out of innovation challenges by compiling a database of innovators to use for outsourcing and/or hiring.
  • 6. Create a Competitive Advantage
    Innovation creates competitive advantages and sustainable growth by producing unique products, creating efficiency, and/or adding value to an existing product or service.

With innovation challenges you are not just creating value for your organization, you are also reducing costs, the cost of being replaced or left behind, moreover the cost of not leading the future, these are the costs you pay when you do not innovate.

Streamline your innovation using Untap compete ‘s solution for innovation challenges.